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About Paragel

Paragel is a different type of the common GEL which does not needs to file off the top surface of your nails, it is the professional nail product with no filing needed.
Nails are mainly made of keratin, a type of protein.
Paragel contains a special material which remarkably effective to adhere well onto your nails of the Keratin.
This is the greatest appeal of Paragel and allow your nails to be stress-free compared to the regular Sanding free Gel.
We thoroughly recommend Paragel for people who with thin, weak nails and for those who would like to keep your nails damaged free and also, to keep your gel nails as long as possible.

Price of Paragel treatment

Regular: Additional  ¥1,100
First-timer of treatent: Additional ¥550 (reduced from ¥1,100)
Treatment within one month: Additional ¥550 (reduced from ¥1,100)

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