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About Gel

Gel (Nail) is a type of Manicure which is required to cure (harden) under a UV (ultraviolet) light.
It has the quality to last longer than regular manicure and provides a natural sense of finish with a gloss and transparency look.
Also, gel nails allow you to enjoy longer period of time than the regular manicure, becaue of its strength to grow weak and short nails to healthier, stronger nails.

Gel Nail might lift up from your nails as your nail grow.
Since most every gel nail treatment will last up to 3 weeks – 1 month and it may be difficult to remove by yourself, we strongly recommend you to visit Nail Salon Florir to remove your gel nails or to change gel at a certain periopd of time.

We have samples of 1000 different designs from ¥5,500!
You can choose the design with a color of your choice
Of course, you can add more design or bring your favorite design to make it more special!

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